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Hello yet again:
It's worth putting out an EXTRA to note that, responding to to Peter Pond Society 27, prospective Peter Pond author David Chapin says he's to be one of the speakers at the Wilderness Paddling Symposium in Fairlee, VT, 3/9-11. If you scan the speakers list again, you see'll he'll discuss the Art of Tumping. So the Peter Pond Society contingent is growing, not to mention Deb Williams, symposium director who just joined.
Dave's note:

I see you will be at the Wilderness Paddlers gathering in VT next month. I don't know if you noticed my name on the list of speakers, but I'm doing a short talk about some trips I've done in northern Quebec and some of the HBC history of the area. Nothing Pond related though.
I hope to meet you there.

I should also mention I intend to swing by a nearby plaque commemorating the spot John Ledyard cut down a tree to build a dugout canoe and float down the Connecticut River to his uncle's farm, in dropping out of Dartmouth College.

Here also are NEW YORK TIMES reviews about 2 recent Ledyard books. You should compare and contrast this 18th century Connecticut Yankee with our man. review 1
review 2

Peter Pond Society editor Bill McDonald

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